May 2019

John Almeida · 17 days ago5 changes

We replaced the preview function with a more sophisticated view so users can see what their forms will look like on One Page Format, Card Format, phone or tablet. Customers can now preview their forms to make sure that they are meeting brand requirements and also see if respondents are getting a gre...

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April 2019

John Almeida · about a month ago5 changes

We have updated the registration experience for users to onboard efficiently and get help with learning the platform. All new users and new colleagues invited to an existing account will go through the new process.

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March 2019

John Almeida · 2 months ago5 changes

The new Feedback Form 3.0 loads faster, we modernized the form by adding animations and the ability to customize the color of the progress bar, buttons and elements to match client branding. In addition you will now see a small banner that outlines our cookie policy to a respondent.

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February 2019

John Almeida · 3 months ago2 changes

We are happy to announce the launch of Starred Connect, our integration hub that connects external systems like Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to Starred. We really believe integrating Starred into the systems you already work with is a natura...

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January 2019

John Almeida · 5 months ago3 changes

The Template Gallery helps our clients immediately get a CX feedback program off the ground by utilising the templates that are solely focused around valuable touchpoints inn CX: Application, Placement, Interviews etc. With this in mind, we added three new Candidate Experience templates in the Temp...

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