Managing advanced options for invitations

Learn how to Invite on behalf of someone else, scheduling invitations and reminders

What else is possible when inviting for feedback via Starred?

Go to Invite on the Forms page and choose the tab Advanced. This is an example of the advanced tab in the invitation module:

There are four extra options in the advanced mode: Inviting on behalf of someone else, scheduling your invitations, send a reminder and wether you want a regular invitation or an invitation with NPS buttons.

Invite on behalf of someone else

You want to control when invitations are sent and you want to approach your customers on behalf of your colleague? That's possible! In order to send invitations on behalf of someone else, this particular sender should have an account on Starred. In the Advanced mode you can select the particular person, just select this person by clicking on the pull down menu at From. The invitations will contain this person's name, function and photo. Only administrators on the Starred platform are authorized to sent invitations on behalf of someone else.

Please note: The notifications of received responses will be sent to the person from whom the invite is (also when you send it on behalf of someone else). You can disable the notification e-mails by clicking here!

Scheduling invitations

If you know what time you expect the highest response, you obviously would like to send your invitations at this time. If you're not available or not behind the computer at that moment, you can schedule your invitations batches. Just check the Schedule box and select your preferred date and time.


Customers that don't respond, automatically receive a friendly reminder 6 days after the original invitation is sent. This friendly reminder is exactly the same as the original invitation, apart from the fact that the subject field starts with 'Friendly reminder:'. You might want to deactivate this reminder. That's possible by clicking Disable reminder in the invitations section of your form:

Things to note when disabling a reminder email:

  • Once you have disabled the reminder you cannot turn it on again.
  • The reminder can be disabled up to 4 days after the original invite has been sent.
    After 4 days it is not possible to disable the reminder anymore.

Invitation type

Want to increase your response rate? Try asking the NPS question in the invitation by changing invitation type to NPS! The respondent can give a grade directly in the email. If your respondent click on one of the numbers of the NPS question in the invitation they will be automatically routed to the actual feedback form.
When he/she decide to not submit the feedback, we already captured the NPS-score for you! An example of an invitation including NPS:

Besides the NPS-question we also offer the CES 2-question in the invitation. When the CES 2 is added in the feedback form, it will also appear in the Invitation Types options:

Managing advanced options for invitations

Learn how to Invite on behalf of someone else, scheduling invitations and reminders

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