Comparing data in the dashboard

Learn how to compare two data sets in the dashboard

To compare two sets of data side-by-side you can use the comparison dashboard. From the overview dashboard click on Comparison dashboard in the left navigation bar.

In the Comparison dashboard you can compare two data sets, Data set A and Data set B. By default all data for the selected survey will be shown in both data sets.


How to filter the comparison dashboard?

In the left navigation you can compose a filter (or multiple filters) and/or a date range for both data sets. This will enable you to compare feedback results in the dashboard. Data set A will be shown on the left and Data set B will be shown on the right.

Filtering in the Comparison dashboard works the same as in the Overview dashboard. Please click on the links below to find more information about:

How to work with DAPs in the comparison dashboard?

Users who are added to a Data Access Policy (DAP) are able to compare their DAP with the 'company benchmark'. The company benchmark means all responses for a certain survey in your own company account.

By selecting the checkbox Compare to Company Benchmark the responses related to the DAP will be shown in Data set A and the responses related to the company benchmark will be shown in Data set B. In both data sets you'll also be able to filter the responses on data range.
Note: a user who is not added to a DAP will not see the option 'Compare to Company Benchmark'.

Example: Compare a DAP (e.g Recruiter James) with the company benchmark (all responses)


Users who are added to multiple Data Access Policies (DAPs) are also able to compare two different DAPs in the comparison dashboard. By selecting a Data Access Policy in both data sets, the comparison dashboard will show the responses for both data sets.

Example: Compare a DAP with another DAP