Completing survey settings

Go to your profile at the top right of your Starred account and click on Account Settings. Then navigate to Survey Settings in the left navigation bar.


Manage your notifications by selecting whether you want to receive automated email notifications each time you receive a new response. By default, notifications are sent to the sender email address of your surveys. You can untick this box if you don't want to receive these notifications. In case you would only like to receive a notification when you receive a low NPS rating (6 or lower), please see this page on how to set this up.


At Styles you can personalize the look and feel of your surveys. You can add a new style or modify an existing one by clicking on dropdown menu. The name of the style is for personal use only.

For each of your background styles, you can choose an accent color. The accent color is shown in the following:

  • The name of the respondent on the survey
  • The color of the stars
  • Framework around the questions accompanying the feedback threads
  • The 'Submit' button.

Next to this, you can also choose a header color. This header color is used in the header text of a survey:

In Starred you can create multiple styles. By clicking on the dropdown menu you can select which style you want to mark as your default style. This means that this background style is automatically added each time you create a new survey.

Thank You page

When your respondents submit their survey, the will see a Thank You page. You can personalize the Thank You page per language or per NPS (Net Promoter Score). By selecting the 'Preview' button, you can see the default Thank You page. In case you'd like to change the default Thank You page, then you can directly enter your desired header and body text and select the 'Preview' button to see what this page will look like to your respondents.

Please note: the Thank You page for Detractors will be shown when an NPS score of 6 or lower is given, the Thank you page for Passives is shown when an NPS score of 7 or 8 is given and the Thank You page for Promoters will be shown when an NPS score of 9 or 10 is given.

Cooling down period

You can determine a Cooling down period to ensure you don’t overload your respondents with invitations for feedback.
Setting a Cooling down period means that within period of time, a respondent will not receive more than one invitation for feedback. The cooling down period ranges from 2 weeks to 1 year.

Deleted Responses

At ‘Deleted responses’ you will find a list of deleted responses. If you want to restore deleted responses you click restore.


Here you will find the list of contacts who have opted out to receive invitations for feedback from your company.