Creating a new feedback form

Create a survey to send to your respondents

When you want to start a new feedback form on Starred, there are two options to choose from:

  1. You can choose an existing feedback form from our Survey Store to use (and adjust)
  2. You can create a new empty feedback form

Template gallery forms

When you've created an account on Starred, you are directly being send through to our Template gallery, a store with example forms, ready to use for collecting feedback. You can place these forms directly into your account, or you can use them as inspiration for your own forms.

Creating your own form

When you want to create your own form, you can start easily. How to do this?

Starting in your general Forms page, you can click on the blue letters "Create New Form" in the upper right corner. A small screen will appear with the question to fill in a Name and Language for your new form. For Available journey types select the step of the candidate experience journey that this form represents.

Fill in the details, and click on 'Create Form'. You will be redirected to the empty feedback form.

Do you want to personalize your header text? Then simply click on the header.
Do you want to create your form in multiple languages? And/or do you want to adjust the style of the form? You can change these settings in your form.

  • Language: Click in your form on English and go to Language Settings. You can add languages here.
  • Do you want a different style for this form? Then make sure you've added another style in your Company Settings. When this style is created, you are able to select it in your form, in the upper right corner.

To build up your own form, you can click "Add Block". You can add the questions one by one or you can choose to import an already existing block from another form.

Which question type fits your questions best? You can choose from 7 different types of questions:

  • Star Rating
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Effort Score (Question type)
  • CES 2 (Statement type)
  • Yes/No question
  • Grades
  • Open questions

Do you want to know more about these question types? Then click here !

When you've added a block, you can fill in the title, subscription and first question. This will look as follows:

You can now build up the block bit by bit:

  • Every question can be added one by one: By filling in the summary + subscription
  • Depending on the question type, you can add up to five questions per block.
  • Do you want to adjust the order of your questions? Then click on the small icon with four arrows next to the question, to drag the question up or down.
    Now you are able to add all the other blocks. Because the form always fits one page, you can add a maximum of 6 blocks per survey.

Expert tip: By using '%company' in the question text, you automatically place the company name in the title or question.

Don't really know what to do, or not able to fit your questions in the currently offered question types? Then contact our support team, we can help you find a fitting solution.

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Creating a new feedback form

Create a survey to send to your respondents

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