Creating workflows

Setting up workflows is the key to automating your business process. Here’s how to get started with Starred Connect.

Every workflow starts with a trigger - trigger - An event that initiates the workflow. . This is an event that happens in the connected application or in the Starred application. For example, in Starred receiving feedback from one of your respondents can be a trigger.

The trigger will start the workflow and perform the actions that you have defined. These actions could include, for example, sending out feedback forms or retrieving data from the connected application to use in a later step.

You can create as many workflows as you want. To create a workflow for a connected application follow these steps:

Click on the ‘manage’ button for the connected application for which you want to create a workflow in the applications overview page. Then click on ‘Create Workflow’ button in the top right corner in the workflow overview page. You will be taken to the Workflow Builder.

Inside workflow builder, you can choose to build a workflow using Starred templates or by creating a custom workflow. If you want to build a workflow using a template, please refer to the Template section in the documentation for each connected application in this user guide. Custom workflow gives you the freedom to create a workflow from scratch. Select the desired option and click ‘Start building the workflow’ to define the trigger for your workflow.

Creating workflows

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