Drilling down in the dashboard

How to drill down into dashboard insights?

When looking at the Overview Dashboard of your survey click on 'Question drill down dashboard' in the left navigation bar next. The question drill down dashboard consist of two levels:

Level 1

The first overview of the question drill down shows one card for every question block you have in your survey. Each card has a title that refers to the question block title in your survey. For the following two question types we use standardized titles:

  • NPS
  • CES(2)

By clicking on the insights in one of the cards you will be directly redirected to the second level of that specific question. Or you can use the Question to drill down functionality in the left navigation bar.


Level 2

In the left navigation bar you can select a specific question in 'Question to drill down'. First you select the title of the question block, then select the individual question (if available). After selecting a question, you will be redirected to level two.

Level two is a deep dive of a specific question, this overview will give detailed information for the question you've selected such as the number of responses, average rating, distribution, timeline and comments for this question.

If you want to return to level 1, to see the results of alle question blocks together, you can easily do this by clicking 'Reset' in the left navigation bar.


How to filter the Question drill down dashboard?

Filtering in the Question drill down dashboard works the same as in the Overview dashboard. Please click on the links below to find more information about: