Export Domo Dashboard to PDF

How to export your entire Domo dashboard to a single PDF

Sometimes it's unfeasible to add every user to the Domo platform to view dashboards. You may want to distribute your report to many different people but with a filtered view. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to export your entire dashboard to PDF format so you may distribute filtered information to as many people as you like.

Step 1 - Navigate to your dashboard instance

Select the dashboard you wish to view and export to PDF.


Step 2 - Select your filters

Select the filters you wish to include in your PDF. Keep in mind, the PDF will display exactly what is displayed on your screen after you make a selection.


Step 3 - Navigate to your dashboard toolbar

The dashboard toolbar is in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. You can find the export options by clicking on the square with the upwards-facing arrow coming from it.


Step 4 - Select "Export to PDF" option

There are many options for exports. The best solution for sending reports is by exporting to PDF, distributing it to the users of your choosing.


Step 5 - Wait for your download to process

The download should't take more than a minute or two. Please be patient 😉


Step 6 - Download your PDF

Depending on your browser settings, your PDF will either open in a new window or prompt you for a download location.