Form options

Use form options like preview, clone, share and edit

Starred offers you many more options on the Forms section. These additional options can be found in the drop-down menu, to the right of the feedback form.

We'll highlight a few additional options:


The preview shows you the feedback form that your respondents fill in when they open the feedback form.

See all invitations

Do you want to see the details of an invitation after a feedback form has been sent out? You can view all details by looking at the invitation overview in Starred. In this invitation overview, you'll see the details, the sent e-mail, the bounces and the list of respondents.


Clicking on edit allows you to edit the form.

Note: Making changes in an existing form will directly affect your dashboard.


You can copy a feedback form and use it somewhere else by cloning it. After copying your form, it's in your general list of forms.


By archiving a survey you'll remove the survey out of the overview but save the data. Here you can read more about archiving feedback forms.


By sharing your feedback form, you can show your questions and layout to other companies and/or individuals. Click on Share and enter the e-mail address. The invitee receives the feedback form in his/her inbox and can see what you've created on Starred!

Reset Form

By resetting your form you can delete all (test) responses and invitations on a specific survey.
Note: this is a hard reset, meaning all data associated with a form will be deleted.

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Form options

Use form options like preview, clone, share and edit

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