Survey menu

Navigate to Create > Survey overview. Behind every survey name in the Survey overview, you'll find the pull-down menu with additional survey options. Below we'll highlight some of the different options:


The preview shows you what your survey looks like when respondents open your survey.

See all invitations

Do you want to see the details of an invitation after a feedback survey has been sent out? You can view all details by looking at the invitation overview in Starred. In this invitation overview, you'll see the details, the invitation text, the bounces and the list of respondents.


Clicking on 'Edit' allows you to edit the survey.

Note: Changing an existing survey will directly affect your dashboard.

Google Drive


You can duplicate a survey by selecting 'Copy' behind a feedback survey. After copying your survey, it can be found in your Survey overview with the original title and the word [Copy] behind it.

Google Drive


By archiving a survey you'll remove the survey from your Survey overview but your data will remain intact. Here you can read more about archiving feedback surveys or restoring them.


You can share your survey template with users in other Starred accounts. For more information and further instructions click here.

Note: Sharing a survey template will not show any data or feedback results related to this survey.

Reset Survey

By resetting your survey you can delete all (test) responses and invitations for a specific survey.

Note: This is a hard reset, meaning all data associated with the survey will be deleted and cannot be restored.