Filtering by date range

How to filter responses by date range?

Filtering your responses allows you to further analyze your survey responses. Based on a certain date range you are able to filter your responses.

How to filer your responses by date range?

Go to Analyze > Dashboard and select a survey on top of the navigation bar.

In the navigation bar you navigate to Date Range and select the little arrows next. In the drop-down menu you will find the following Date Range Presets:

All time
Last 30 days
Last 90 days
This month
Last month
This quarter
Last quarter
This year
Last year

Next to this, you can also select a custom date range. Below you will see an example of a custom date range filter:

Note: All date range filters will filter your responses based on date response received.

How to remove a date range filter?

You can remove a date range filter by switching back to the date range: All time