Filtering your feedback responses

How do you use filters in the dashboard?

Filtering your responses allows you to further analyze your survey responses. Based on the custom fields (e.g. Department, RecruiterName, Location, etc.) you've added to your recipient(s), you are able to filter your responses.

How to filter your responses?

Go to Analyze > Dashboard and select a survey on top of the navigation bar.

In the navigation bar you navigate to Filters and select + Add filter. In the drop-down menu you will find two types of fields: Custom fields and standard fields

Custom fields
The custom fields are the fields you've added in your CSV and/or workflow(s). In the dashboard you can select a custom field and select one or multiple custom value(s) within this custom field. Click Done next. Now the dashboard will start filtering your responses.
Note: You can add multiple custom fields and custom values to filter your responses.

Standard fields
By default, Starred adds other custom fields to the dashboard:

  • timeToProcess: relates to the number of days a candidate has been in the hiring process: from Applied Date to Hire/Rejected date (e.g. 27 days)
  • source: relates to the hiring source (e.g. Referral)
  • NPS: with this field you are able to filter you responses based on NPS.
    Detractors: score 0-6
    Passives: score 7 & 8
    Promoters: score 9 & 10

When switching to another dashboard page (Question drill down, Comparison dashboard, Priority Matrix or Responses) the selected filters will be kept.

Note: Currently it is not possible to save filters.

How to remove filters?

You can remove the filter(s) by clicking on the cross on top right of the custom field: