Grouping by timeframe

Find out how to compare results based on the timeframe of the response

Google Drive

You want to compare your results in different time slots, use this option! It enables you to compare last year's results with the results of this year.

To do this, go to Groups, click on Create new group (or select the group and click on Group preference for existing groups). Then take the following steps:

  • Name your group, for example, September 2020;
  • Make sure that the NPS status is everyone and that you click on Include: only respondents;
  • Decide which timeframe you want to group (see illustration);
    add other properties if you like.
  • Click on Save

If you want to see the results of this group and compare these results you need to go back to the Dashboard. Here, you can choose which groups you want to compare. In your Dashboard you see the selected groups and an overall view of this comparison. (See illustration).


Note: You can select different time frames: days, weeks, month, quarters and years as a time frame. This is up to you.