Grouping your responses

Learn how to filter your results by setting up groups

Why group your contacts? This allows you to further analyse the ratings of certain customers or businesses. You can divide the respondents' answers in customer groups, group with the account manager with whom they had contact, in which store they have bought their products, etc.

To create groups, go to Clients and click on the blue button Add group (below your current groups).

A new group
Groups are created based on certain filter-settings. These can for example be set on properties you've assigned to your clients. Haven't done this yet? Click here for an explanation. Another filter you can use is the type of NPS-score, or a timeframe.

When adding a new group you will first see the Group Preferences. You can start by filling in a Group name here.

Then choose the type of filter you want to use.

  1. Do you want to create a group, based on a certain NPS-score? Do you for example only want to see the Promotors in your dashboard? Choose the Client filter: 'NPS filter' and select the 'NPS promotors'.

  2. Do you want to use an assigned custom field as a filter? Then choose Response filter, select the right category (column title) and click on Add category. You can now see all the added custom fields from this category column. Select the right property you want to use as a filter for this group.

For example: Are you curious to see how all the clients from registration period Q115 rate you? Then select the category 'Registration period' in the drop-down menu and click on Add category. (Only) Select the period 'Q115' and click on Save.

Grouping your responses

Learn how to filter your results by setting up groups

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