How to use the comparison dashboard (beta)

Learn how to compare a specific data set with your company benchmark

Please note: the new dashboard is currently in closed beta testing.

Would you like to know how your NPS changed from the last quarter compared to your company benchmark?
Would you like to see how a certain department within your organization is doing compared to your general results?

You can do all of this in the Comparison tab of your Starred dashboard.

To access your Comparison dashboard, click on Comparison in the left navigation bar.


Here, you’ll be able to choose which data set you want to compare to your company benchmark by using the available filters.


Filtering in the Comparison dashboard works the same as in the main dashboard. If you haven’t learnt yet how filters work, you can check out our guide on how to use filters in the dashboard.

Once you have applied your desired filters, the charts will populate with information based on those. Similarly to the mail dashboard, there will be information about the response rate and boxes for the different questions. The filtered data set will be displayed above in a blue color and the company benchmark will be underneath, in a gray color.


And in case you need to share the data with other people in your company, do not forget our export option!

We take you through the steps on how to download data from Starred and how to create reports in the dedicated article, and the process is the same for all parts of the platform.