Increasing your response rate

Low response rate, what should I do now?

When you've sent out an invitation batch you are hoping that everyone answers asap, aiming for a high response rate (the number of people who return the survey questionnaire). Is your response rate a bit disappointing? No worries! In this article, you'll find tips and tricks to help you increase the response rate in the future.

You'll have a bigger chance on a high response rate if you can answer the following questions with a 'yes':

  • Are the questions in your survey relevant and interesting for your contact? And does this survey apply to your contact?
  • Are the questions and communication around the feedback survey personal?
  • Is the survey brief and easy to fill in for your contact?
  • Do you have a clear succession of feedback?

When you've answered every question with a 'yes', you've already set the first steps towards a higher response rate! Other ways to increase your response rate are:

1. Subject: Make the feedback survey subject striking and important for your respondent. Make sure that the respondent sees what the worth is of their reaction by getting back to them with the outcomes of their feedback and what you did with it.
2. Timing: The timing of sending your invitation batch is very important. Research shows that the best time to send out a business-to-business e-mail is on Tuesday and Wednesday between 13.00 and 15.00
3. From: By making sure that the sender of the survey is a person known by the respondent you can ensure to get a higher response rate.
4. Invite: Include an NPS question in your personalized invitation. You can do this at the advanced options in your invitation module.
5. Thank you-page: Remember that feedback is still a gift! ;) Thank your respondent for the feedback and you can do this via a personalized thank you page in Starred.