Looking at results per question grid and per question

The overall dashboard shows you the average scores per question grid and per element/question in that grid. It's possible to further analyze the scores in the grid. You can zoom in on the question grid by clicking on the grid. The screen that is shown next, shows you the following:

  • Overview of the question grid. This overview shows all average scores per element;
  • Development of the score over time. In these blocks, the average score of the feedback given per month and the development of this average is displayed. Showing you whether you are improving your scores over time.

Here's an example:


If you click on a specific question, you get a detailed overview of this question. The grids show you:

Grid 1: Overall average rating of the question and the correlation of this element with the Net Promoter Score (used for our Starred Priority Matrix). This indicates how strong or weak the link between the score on this question and the NPS.
Grid 2: Development of the average score over time;
Grid 3: Variance of the ratings. Here, you can see how often a certain rating is given: the distribution of the ratings. This distribution is used to calculate the average score.
Grid 4 & 5: Displays the positive and negative comments;