Sending messages to respondents

Follow up on feedback by sending a message from Starred.

In Starred, we offer the ability to follow up on received feedback to both anonymous and non-anonymous respondents.

To contact your respondents, head over to the individual response section in your dashboard.

  • From the Survey Overview,, select the survey, for which you would like to see the responses.
  • You will be directed to the dashboard for that survey. From the tabs on the left-hand side, select Responses.
  • From the individual response overview, select a response to access the individual rating.
  • On the left side you'll find the respondent details. Scrolling down, you'll see some options. Select Contact the respondent:

Contact the respondent

When you've selected Contact the respondent, a pop-up message box appears:


Within the message box you can compose the message you would like to send to your respondent. Select Send message to send the message to your respondent.

Your respondent will receive the message in the same inbox where the respondent also received the survey. A copy of the message will be sent to your email for your records. The header of the message includes your name, profile picture and company name. Below you will find an example:


Sending messages to anonymous respondents

You can also send messages to anonymous respondents. The respondent remains anonymous at the moment they receive your message. Please note, if the respondent replies to the message, you will see their email address and they no longer remain anonymous. We therefore advise you to explain this in the initial message sent to your respondent.