Showing response details

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You received a notification of new feedback! Good to check this feedback, but... which customer or candidate was this again? And to which batch did he/she belong again?

Understandable that you don't exactly remember who belongs to which batch, and when exactly the person was invited to give feedback. If you want to check this information, you can always have a look at their contact details.

When checking out the individual response, you will see two buttons below the survey:


Do you immediately want to respond to the given feedback? Then click on the right button and send a message to the respondent.

Are you looking for more information about the respondent? Then click on the left button 'Show details'. More information will be shown below, with contact details: in which groups this respondent is filtered, which properties are added to the respondent, and other extra informatie like the date of received feedback and which email address is attached to the feedback.

Delete rating

Has a candidate given false feedback? Or did he/she accidentally click a wrong score? The feedback will influence your average scores. You can delete this rating here, by clicking the button "Delete rating" in the lower right corner.

Note: You can only delete entire surveys, not just single scores.

View rating

When you click on the other button, "View respondent", you can find more in depth information. For example, you can find details as name, e-mail address and which groups this respondent is attached to.

When you scroll further down, you are able to see the respondent's activity. Shown here is when an invitation for feedback is sent to him/her, for which survey the invite was, and when feedback from this person is received.