The overview dashboard

How to use the dashboard?

To find the Dashboard click 'Analyze' in the navigation bar and select 'Dashboard' next. Now you'll be taken to the overview dashboard.

The overall dashboard shows all responses to the selected survey. By using one of the options in the left navigation you can filter the responses:

  • Date range: filter feedback on a specific timeframe
  • Data Access Policy: filter feedback for specific Data Access Policies
  • Filter: Filter feedback on specific custom fields. Click here for further instructions.

Two other options to select:

  • Display questions text in: decide in which language you would like to see the survey questions
  • Export to PDF: with this functionality you can create a screenshot of the entire dashboard page. As destination you need to select 'Save as PDF'.

Dashboard insights

The overview dashboard has several cards and graphs that represent only high-level data.

Response Rate
The percentage of respondents that respond to your survey invite and number of responses.

The total amount of responses.

Net Promoter Score
NPS and percentages of promoters, passives and detractors.

NPS Distribution
The NPS distribution per score. It shows how many respondents fall in each category (promoters, passives and detractors).

NPS Timeline
The development of the NPS over the past 12 months.

Average Rating
The overall average of Star rating and/or Grade questions. How this rating is calculated is by summing up the ratings from the Star questions and the Grades questions and dividing by the total number.

Average Rating Timeline
The development of the Average Rating over the past 12 months.

What’s Next

How to drill down in Dashboard insights?