Workable workflow builder

Get Started

To automate your candidate feedback, you can set up workflows in Starred Connect. A simple workflow consists of a trigger, a filter and an action to send your surveys.

How to create a new workflow

Once you've connected Workable, then you can start setting up workflows to automate your candidate feedback process.

1. Navigate to Starred Connect and click on 'Manage'

2. Click on the 'Create Workflow' button in the top right corner of the workflow overview page. You will be taken to the Workflow Builder

3. Inside the Workflow Builder you can choose between creating your own workflow or using a pre-built template

4. Select 'Build your own workflow' and click 'Start building your own workflow' at the bottom of the page if you want to create a workflow from scratch. Otherwise, what we recommend you to do is to use one of our pre-built workflows and edit it. In this case, you need to follow these steps:

  • Select the workflow that suits your needs
  • Click 'Preview workflow template'
  • Click on 'Create workflow'
  • Choose a name for your workflow
  • Click 'Save new workflow'.

Now you are able to see the workflow in the workflow overview. By clicking on 'Edit' in the dropdown menu next to the workflow name, you can edit your workflows.

Note: You can only edit disabled workflows. If you want to edit an enabled workflow, you first need to change the status to 'disabled'. Once you're doing with editing, don't forget to enable the workflow again.