Starred offers you the opportunity to gather feedback without sending an invitation by e-mail. You can use this option, for example, as a weblink on your website or as a weblink in a newsletter.

In order to ask feedback via the subdomain, you first have to create your own weblink. Go to Show profile, to the tab Company and create your subdomain ( or click here. This can be any name, as long as the name is unclaimed or not blacklisted. See the image below:

We will attach one of your forms to the subdomain. This form can be used via invitations or 'open'. This 'open' form is also called a reactive form: here you receive feedback even when you did not necessarily ask for it. You can use it in all your e-mails by placing this link in your mail or by placing it on your website. This will lead to the open form. 'Opening' the right form and attaching it to your open domain is done in the background, so let our Customer Happiness team know which form can be attached to your open domain.

Note: Because the form is open through the URL, the tool is not able to collect recipient details. Therefore the open feedback is anonymously!

Do you want to share an open URL to a form, but do you want to collect the recipient's details? If so, we can change the settings so the feedback must be verified first by the recipient before it's saved in the tool. He/she must fill in his/her email-address after giving feedback, so a verification email can be sent to the customer. Only after verifying the feedback, it will be calculated.

Another option: No verification through email, but still able to see who the recipient is? This is possible when you choose to generate unique links. Read more about how to do this.

Any questions about this open domain? Feel free to contact our Customer Happiness team.

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