If you added extra information to your contacts (country of origin, type of customer, etc.), you can use these properties to make your invitation even more personal. No properties assigned yet? Read here how to do this.

Go to Forms, click on Invite next to the right feedback form and choose Upload as CSV or Excel. Upload the right client file with the right properties and click on Compose message in the lower right corner. You will be redirected to the next step where you can construct the invitation e-mail.

In this step you're able to adjust and set all settings, and write your invitation text. To make sure your customers know that this e-mail is reliable and know what this survey is about, it's important that your e-mail is as direct and personal as possible. For example by adding certain properties to the text.

Are you for example sending your survey because you worked together with a client on a project? You are able to add this specific project name in the client file, and upload it into the text. By adding the text "@columntitle", the tag will automatically link to the right column title from your file and the tool will recognise and add the right property per customer.
You can add this tag manually or use the Advanced option.

You can manually add the tags in your invitation text by typing "@columntitle". This can for example be a tag like @Project or @AccountManager.
When you manually add the tag, it's important to use the exact column title you also used in the client file. The tags are sensitive for capital letters, and won't be linked when used inconsistently!

Advanced Settings (License dependent: possibly not visible)
To be sure you use the exact column title as used in the client file, you can also choose to use the advanced option. In this option all the column titles will be shown with an @; and you only have to click on the right one to add it into the text!
How to get there: Click on 'Invite', 'Compose message' and click in the upper right corner on Advanced settings : Show. A few extra options will appear in the settings, but you will also see a new field next to the invitation text. This new field shows all the properties that have (ever) been linked to invitations on this form. Now it's easy to select a property, and you're certain that it's linked to the client file!

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