At Starred we want to make sure your data is safe. This is why we decided to make a few browser related changes.

It actually happend: the creator of the Internet Explorer, Microsoft, decided to drop the support for their own creature called Internet Explorer 8 and older versions.
We from Starred now also choose to do the same: we will no longer develop for certain browsers. Because we cannot guarantee the safety of these browsers, it's better for us to drop these versions.

We decided to divide the browsers into 4 types of support:

  • Block
    We won't test, check or develop for these browsers. Access will be blocked when a Starred user tries to open a page while using this browser.
  • Ignore
    We won't test, check or develop for these browsers. We won't block these browsers, but because the number of people using this browser is so low, we won't test these browsers either. Things might work, or not, but we won't focus on supporting the browser.
  • Full support
    Everything is tested successfully and works in these browsers.
  • Partial support
    Some details might not look the same as the original designs and some modules might not work. The majority of the features is working well. Unsupported features will be blocked.

The browsers and our amount of support:

*) We will support up to 3 latest versions of these browsers.

For now this means:

We will block Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7.

We will stop testing everything on Internet Explorer 10 and lower.

When you are using an older browser that is not / partially supported by us, you will be told by a warning. This warning will tell you what the type of support your browser does/doesn't receive. No warning means good news!

Want to know more about our browser support, or what we do/don't support exactly? Contact our Customer Happiness Team of Starred.

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