When it comes to service, you can create loyal customers primarily by answering their questions or helping them solve their problems quickly and easily. The CES is all about one question: 'How much effort did you personally have to put forth to handle your request?' This may be about a particular client process such as a complaint or a project. A useful question for customer service (organizations)!

The answers vary from very high effort to very low effort. It also allows you to ask what cost the most effort and offers you a direction for future improvement.

Research has shown that the more effort a customer has to put forth, the lower it's loyalty to your company.

Major advantages of the CES include:

  • It is applicable to all customer processes in your organization.
  • CES score fluctuates less than the NPS.
  • Assessing on a five-point scale makes it easy for the customer.
  • The CES is a better predictor of customer loyalty than the NPS.
  • You can conclude a more specific customer process improvement.
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