In Access control, you can empower your colleagues in granting them extra options on the Starred platform, or restrict their access to certain features. As an administrator, you have full access to the company account and you can give other colleagues administrator access as well. If you want to control the input and changes made on your company account, you can change some of your colleagues into regular users. To manage these options, go to Show Profile, click on the tab Company and then Colleagues.

A regular user has the following options:

  • Can edit company details: Unchecking this option ensures that company details, styles, invitations, etc. can not be modified by regular users;
  • Can create and edit forms: By unchecking this, your 'regular user' colleagues are allowed to view the feedback forms but can't change anything in these forms;
  • Can create and edit segments: Unchecking prohibits your 'regular user' colleagues to create or edit any client segment;
  • Can view all segments: If you uncheck this, your colleague only can access those segments that are relevant for this colleague (for example specific locations or business units). After unchecking this option, you have to assign certain properties to your colleagues, for them to view specific segments. Click here to read more on assigning properties to colleagues.
  • Can send invitations: If you uncheck this, a 'regular user' colleague is not authorized to send out invitations for feedback.
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