The Dashboard section gives you a real time overview of all the feedback you received on a specific feedback form. You can see what you're doing well and on what aspects there's room for improvement, according to your respondents.

To get to your dashboard, simply click on Forms and click on Dashboard behind a feedback form. This is an example of the dashboard for a 'Starred Platform Evaluation'.

Each feedback form has its own dashboard. To view the feedback on a different form, choose the form you're interested in via the upper left panel.

The overall scores in the grids are weighted average values ​​of all responses in the grid. By clicking on a specific question, you see the details of the scores and comments on that particular element. This applies to all the Starred-grids and NPS scores.

At the top of the screen, you can download the responses on the feedback form. Click on Responses and then on Download responses, you'll receive a CSV file with all responses in your inbox. You can read here how to convert the CSV file to an Excel file.

At the top of the Dashboard you can compare groups within this feedback form. This is also possible if you made your own groups within your form. If you did not make groups, click here for more information.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is also shown on the dashboard. NPS answers indicate whether your clients will recommend your company to friends and/or colleagues. NPS is considered the 'ultimate score' to measure customer loyalty. Want to know more about NPS? Click here!

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