You can choose to receive regular notifications every time one of your contacts submits their feedback. However, you can also choose to only receive a notification when a client gives you a low NPS-score (score of 6 or lower). This notification mail is called a firefight email and allows you to take immediate action and repair the contact's experience.
You can decide who will receive these particular firefight email. You can do this by clicking on Colleagues within the Company settings or by clicking here. If you don't select a colleague here, the fire fight e-mails will be automatically send to the person who send out the form.

What does this fire fight e-mail say? 

This e-mail will show you what kind of score is given, why this is given and by whom. In the subject field you see what score is given. In the actual e-mail you see in which form this score is given and by whom. If the respondent gave an explanation for this particular score it will appear in the e-mail as well.
To take immediate action you can click on the button to view the full response.

Please note! Assigning the firefight emails to a Starred user applies to all feedback forms: it's not possible to assign a different user per feedback form yet.

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