Besides the option to see all average scores in the Dashboard, you can also view the feedback per respondent.

There are four ways to view an individual response:

  1. You can click on the link in the notification email that you receive when a feedback form is completed. Make sure you receive these notification e-mails. How to check your e-mail settings? Read here about mailing preferences;
  2. You can also go to Forms and then click on the drop-down menu, right next to the form. Click on Responses and you see a list of all the respondents on your form.
  3. You can also view the responses of a specific contact group. When in the list with all responses, click on the arrow next to All and select the group you like.
  4. The last (but not least) option is to view the individual responses via your Dashboard. Select the feedback form you're interested in and next, click on responses, as shown in the image below.You'll find the list with respondent on your feedback form.
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