Do you want to see the details of the invitation batch after you've sent out your form? You can view all details by looking at the invitation overview in Starred. In this invitation overview you'll see the details, the sent e-mail, the bounces and the list of respondents.

To see this overview you'll first need to go to My forms and look for the correct form. Behind this form you've to click on the pull-down menu en select Invitations. You'll see an overview with all send batches regarding that particular form. Select the batch that you want the overview of. By clicking on the batch you'll see the overview.


Here you find the details of your invitation batch. You can see who'd sent this batch and when. Then you'll see if the reminder is enabled or disabled. Besides that, you see the amount of recipients and the amount of responses you received.


Here, you find the actual invitation message you've send out to your respondents.


This is an overview with e-mails that didn't reach the recipient for a particular reason. In the overview you can see the mail-address of the respondent and the reason why the form is not received.


Here you'll find an overview of everyone who had been selected for sending. You'll see the mail-address of the respondent, if there's been clicked on the form and wether the respondent answered or not.

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