The Starred Dashboard contains several scores. What is the meaning of these scores and how are they calculated?

  1. A score per question in the question grid: The score per question is the average score of all scores graded to this specific question;
  2. A score per question grid: The score for each question grid is a weighted average of the various scores graded per question in the question grid;
  3. An overall score of the feedback form: The average score top right in the dashboard is the arithmetic mean score of all question grids (excl. the NPS). No weighting has taken place here;
  4. NPS score: The NPS score is a number between -100 and +100. It is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of your detractors. A positive NPS is your goal. Can't get enough of the maths and science? Read more on NPS.

How does a weighted average score work? This is our short(ened) explanation of the weighted average score:

In Starred it's possible to leave questions unanswered. That's why not every question has the same amount of responses. This is taken into account when calculating the average score. A question that is answered more often 'weighs' heavier (has a bigger share) in the calculation of the average score on the question grid. Look at the example below.

A question grid contains three questions and has the following results:

Question 1: Average score 8.1 (100 respondents)
Question 2: Average score 6.8 (70 respondents)
Question 3: Average score 9.1 (120 respondents)
Without weighing the number of respondents would mean exactly 8. (8.1 + 6.8 + 9.1) / 3. By taking into consideration the number of respondents, the average is 8.2. This score is calculated by calculating the total score and dividing it by the number of answers given. (8.1 x 100) + (6.8 x 70) + (9.1 x 120) / (100 + 70 + 120) = 8.2.

If you don't want all the question grids to be taken into account in the overall score of the feedback form (because the question is not appropriate), please contact our Customer Happiness Team.

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