Looking for an appropriate feedback form and in need of an example? Try searching our SurveyStore™ in Forms for good examples! The SurveyStore features multiple surveys for different occasions or events. You can add them to your account. This applies to our premium accounts only.

Our surveys are divided into three groups:

  • Continuous feedback
  • Event based
  • Employee satisfaction

By clicking on one of those you will see the survey we advise for you to use in that case. You can also filter these forms on topic to find the right one for you!

To add a feedback form from SurveyStore to your account, click on View more, underneath the form. Then click on Add to my account and you can use the form!

Want to customize the form from SurveyStore? Make a copy of the form and you're able to make any changes you like. Read here to learn about copying a feedback form.

Is there a type of form missing from the SurveyStore? If you have a good idea for a new one let us know!

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