If you're about to send out invitations, you can use our standard invitation or fully personalize the invitation, by changing the salutation, overall text or the text on the Give feedback-button. Click on Invite behind your feedback form and simply click in the text to change it.

We advise you to mention the fact that the feedback form is a one-page form and the customer can always press the send-button, to increase your response rate. Also, mention that the feedback form is not anonymous, so you're able to let the customer know what you did to improve your service.

Changed the invitation text and want to save this customized invitation, so you can use it in the (near) future? Save your text as a new template.
You can do this by first amending the text. A 'Save as'-icon appears right above your text. Click on this icon, name your template and you can even check the box to share the template with colleagues, so they can use your invitation as well!

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