Making sure your account settings are accurate and complete is a vital part of making Starred work for you.

At account settings, you can edit the following:

  • My details
  • Preferences
  • My companies

My details

First go to your personal profile in the upper right corner of your screen and click on Account Settings . Here you can edit your personal details like first- and last name, job title, language and your profile picture.
In addition, you can fill-out a personal address that will be shown at the bottom of the feedback invite


Here you can select in which language you want to use the Starred platform and which timezone you are in.

The section Security allows you to change your current password, enable Two-Factor Authentication and determine when you will be automatically logged out of Starred.

You are free to choose what kind of information you want to receive. In the bottom of the Preferences page, you can select the preferred options:

First option: Notify me when... I received new feedback. This means that you will be notified if someone has completed a feedback form.
If you decide to turn this notification off, you will automatically receive a 'Fire fighting alert'. The 'Fire fighting alert' sends you a notification when a respondent has given an NPS rating of 6 or lower.

Second option: Get info that interests you. Here you can choose to receive our Starred Updates and platform releases

If you're happy with the settings, don't forget to hit the save button!


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