Go to your profile at the top right of your Starred account and click on Company Settings.

Company Details

In the Company Details, you can add company details, such as your company name, address, a description of the company and the company logo.

The address of Starred is mentioned at the bottom of the invitations. You can change this, by adding your company address here. Do not forget to save the changes you made!

Make sure you fill in all fields, otherwise the address will not appear. Phone number is optional, though.

Here you can also claim an open domain: forms you want to share through an open URL, will be attached to this open domain. Want to know more? Then read more here, or contact our Customer Happiness team! They can tell you more about it and change the settings of your forms.

Do you want to add your company name to the e-mail sender? Then fill in the From name suffix.

This addition will appear behind the invitation sender's name in the contact's inbox.

Last, we advise you to add your company's privacy statement to the Starred account. This privacy statement will appear when a contact opens the feedback form. Read more on how to add your privacy statement in this article


On this tab, you can adjust the cooling down period and ‘thank you’ page.

You don’t want to overload your respondents with invitations for feedback.
That’s why you can determine a cooling down period. This prevents the same person from receiving several invitations in a certain time slot. The cooling down periods range from two weeks to a year.

The so called Thank You-page is the page that customers see after giving their feedback. You can personalize this page per language or Net Promoter Score. By clicking Preview you can see the standard thank you page and your own creations!


At Styles you can personalise the look and feel of your feedback forms. You can add a new style or modify an existing one by clicking on it. The name of the style is for personal use only.

The color scheme is shown in the following:

  • Name of the respondent on the feedback form
  • The colour of the stars
  • Framework around the questions accompanying the feedback threads
  • The send-button

You can create multiple styles. Bottom right of the page shows which style is currently your default style.


Inviting colleagues to join the platform is an awesome way to try out Starred. You can discuss the platform with your colleagues, see what an invitation looks like and what happens when you actually receive feedback. The easiest way to invite colleagues is to to the Colleagues tab, click Invite Colleagues, fill in their e-mail addresses and that’s all there is to it!

Note: A business account acts as an umbrella account for all employees of a company. Starred links people to your company if they have the same e-mail address.

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