Welcome to Starred! Getting Starred is easy. This is how to start finding your way around Starred:

Forms is where you will create, find, and edit all your feedback forms. This is also the place from where you will be sending out your feedback batches.

Clients is where your can group your contacts. You can add contact groups based on the properties you assigned to your contacts. Haven't assigned any properties yet? Download your contacts at Clients enrich the file by assigning specific properties and upload your contacts again. Learn more on grouping your respondents.

Dashboard is where all the feedback results come in. The intelligent dashboard translates the data into actionable insights and statistics. You can filter and analyze the data in any way you might find instructive.

Clicking on your Profile picture leads you to your personal and company details. It is important to make sure these details are complete and up to date, this helps you to fully profit from the features in Starred!

The Customer Happiness Team is available to answer any Questions you might have. Click on the Question box on the bottom right of your screen and type away. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, we’re happy to help!

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