What is the average response rate on Starred?

If you go to Forms, you can see how many forms how many invitations are sent and how many feedback forms are completed. These numbers lead to the response rate on a survey.

By using Starred, your response rate will be significantly higher compared to other platforms. The response rates vary between the different types of customers/events:

When you have close ties with your customers, for example after the completion of an intensive project, response rates are up to 70%. The sender is someone who personally knows the respondent/

By default, we have a response rate of approximately 30%. This includes asking your regular customers for feedback on your service once a year.

At an event or any other occasion response rates are around 15% -20%.

To further increase your response, some tips:

  • Make sure that the sender of the feedback is someone the respondent knows;
  • Create a clear and personal invitation text;
  • Write the invitation and the feedback form in the native language of the respondent;
  • Keep the frequency of asking for feedback manageable, so that your customer doesn't get 'tired' of giving feedback!
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