Want to link your own CRM-system to Starred? We can make it happen, by using API.

Linking both systems by using an API allows you to automatically send invitations (in larger batches). It enables you to choose the right moment to send your invitation batch and this will give your customer the freedom to choose whenever they want to provide you with feedback. No manual action required! 

Further explanation on API can be found in the upper right of your Starred account, on Show profile. Then click on the tab Company and you'll find API at the bottom of the menu. Here you can easily fill in the relevant blocks (below) to configure the correct URL. Just follow the 3 steps and fill in the required info, and your API URL is configured for you!

Read dashboard numbers

You can read the numbers of the dashboard using the API with the following URL. The parameters 'form', 'segment' and 'language' can be adjusted according to the form, group (segment) and language you are looking for.



Starred webhooks allow you to be notified automatically as soon as you have received new feedback. The callback URL will be called as an HTTP POST or JSON request with a JSON file for each new response you've received.

Click here to go to the Company Settings page. On the bottom of this page you can see an example JSON file. 


Do you have colleagues that would like more information about the API, but don't have a Starred account? We created something new for them! A separate 'developers' website where you can find exactly what the possibilities in Starred are with the API and which responses are triggered through an API request. 
An example of a response when all settings are correctly:

More questions? We are more than willing to help you and brainstorm about creating a link between your CRM system and Starred. Please contact our Customer Happiness Team.

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