Edit the Thank you page

When respondents submit their feedback form, a special Thank You page is shown. We created a general thank you note for you and you can personalize this text any way you want to!

To amend the thank you page, go to Show profile top right of your screen. Click on the tab Company and scroll to Invitations.  

The 'Thank You' page allows you to write a special thanks for the different types of feedback you receive. And of course, this option is available in all the languages you use in the feedback forms!

Got some negative feedback on your service, for example? Let your customer know you you're sorry for the negative experience:

Received super positive feedback from your customer?

With a special thanks, tailored for this positive feedback, the response is even more personal and you can ask customers to write review about you:

Please note: Don't forget to Save your special thanks! That way, you can see a preview of the thank you page.



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