Create and upload the right recipients file (Unicode UTF-8)

To create the right recipients file, follow the steps below. First how to create the right Excel file, and after that the steps and key remarks to create the right CSV file. These are crucial to upload the file well!

To create the right Excel file:

  1. Open an Excel file and create the first three columns (Column A, B and C) as follows: FirstName, LastName, Emailaddress or download this document from Google Sheets.These columns are fixed and are necessary for Starred to upload the correct contact details. If you do not want to use one of these columns, just leave the column blank;
  2. Apart from the three fixed columns, you can add columns with different properties that can help you segment the response later on;
  3. Fill the columns with your contact details. An example of your file is:
  4. Select Upload CSV or Excel in Starred and upload your file! 

Want to create a CSV file? Follow the following steps:

  1. Click in the right Excel file or Google Sheets file on the Save As button and select the file format .CSV(comma delimited);
  2. To make sure the file is saved in the necessary UTF-8 code, check the following: Click on the Tools-button below and choose Web Options;
  3. Go to the tab Encoding and go to Save the document as;
  4. Make sure Unicode (UTF-8) is selected and click on OK;
  5. Then, save the file and your CSV file is ready to upload;
  6. Select Upload CSV or Excel in Starred and upload your file.

CSV from another application
It is important that you keep the same first three columns as mentioned in the Excel file.

Copy/paste from Excel
You also have the possibility to copy and paste you contact from your Excel file directly to your Starred account. To do this, go to copy/paste from Excel in the invite module or go to Clients and click on Add new clients. It's important to keep the Firstname - Lastname - Email order. 


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