Step 2: Compose message

After you selected your contacts it's time to write the personal invitation mail, you can do this just by clicking Next: Compose message.

You are free to choose if you select a template from Starred with the standard invitation in your account ‘Example’, but we advise to create your own personal invitations. In order to give it a personal touch you can customize the preamble, the general text and the text on the Submit Feedback button. You can also start asking one of the form’s questions in your invitation. After creating your perfect invitation, you can save it as a template. This way, you are able to send the exact same invitation when inviting new contacts for this form. The settings are easy:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu onder the template and choose Create new template
  2. Give your template a recognisable name and select the template’s language. Click on ‘Create new template’ and your new template is live!

  3. The next step is to type the invitation text under the salutation. It is important to highlight that the survey is always on one page and the feedback button is always in sight. This will improve your response rate. It is also important to tell that the survey is not-anonymous, but that the response will only be used for internal purposes.
  4. When you’ve finished setting up the invitation text, you can click the Save button in the upperleft corner next to the template name. When saving, you make sure you can use this template the next time

More information about the advanced settings in the invitation page (adding a question in the text, planning in the batches, etc.) can be found in the “Starred as a pro’ page” or by clicking here.


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