Step 3: Preview and send

Completed your invitations? Time to do a final check! On the Preview&Send page you'll see what your client will receive. In the example you won't see any '@' tags because everything is replaced by the person who's listed first on your contact list. You still can see the actual tags by scrolling over with your mouse so you can see which tag is linked. This also applies to all other '@' tags you use in the invitation.

On the right of the invitation example you'll see a summary of your feedback form. Here you can see if you did everything right. If you didn't, you can look and edit this. The subjects you can check real fast are: 

  • Survey: which survey did I select?
  • Subject: what do I have as subject?
  • Reminder: am I sending out reminders?
  • Scheduled: did I scheduled the invitations? Yes, what time is it scheduled for?

If every aspect is checked but you still want a final check from Starred you can select the Starred Quality Check. We will make sure to check your CSV file (if you choose to use this) and the invitation text including the '@' tags. The first time this will be done automatically but in the future you can choose wether you want this check or not. After you checked everything you're ready to send out the invitations! 

After you send out the invitations, the following screen will appear: 

Here you can choose whether you go back to your surveys or you take a look in your dashboard. You can also choose for the option to share the results with colleagues, you can do this bij clicking on Invite colleagues.

Note: This screen may vary if you choose for the option(s) Starred Quality Check and if you have scheduled your invitations, the other three options at the end remain the same.



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