Getting started with the Starred API

Starred provides public APIs to help our clients automate feedback process. With Starred API, organisations can send survey invites, generate survey links or get the summary of survey forms. Starred Webhook allows you to subscribe to feedback notifications in real time with feedback data.



For historical reasons the parameter that refers to the survey is called form

HTTPS Support

Starred API doesn't have support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 because of the security issues with this protocol. We only support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP are not supported.

API Endpoint

The base URL for Starred API's is

All other endpoints are relative to this path. Most endpoints have their own set of additional parameters. Those can either be added to the endpoint URL or be set as HTTP POST parameters.



We support 50 API calls per minute.


The Starred API uses api-tokens authentication. Authenticate the requests when using the API by including the Authorization header in the request. You can manage your api-tokens in your Company Settings



Your api-tokens carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secret! Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such GitHub, client-side code etc.


Every request gets back a response which contains response headers and response body.
Responses are always JSON.

Custom fields

You can add custom fields to your invitations for data segmentation and reporting purposes. Any extra query parameters will be converted to custom fields. To prevent conflicts the following fields are reserved and and can not be used:

- holdingid
- holdingname
- companysubtype
- subscriptionprofile
- formid
- formtitle
- uniqueformid
- ratingid
- verificationkey
- invitationid
- daterequested
- dateanswered
- senderemailaddress
- senderfirstname
- senderlastname
- respondentemailaddress
- respondentfirstname
- respondentlastname
- blocktitle
- blocktype
- locale
- languageid
- defaultlanguageid
- npsquestion
- npsrating
- nps
- npscomment
- npsgeneralquestion
- npsgeneralcomment
- cesquestion
- cesrating
- cescomment
- ces2question
- ces2rating
- ces2comment
- blockquestion
- ces2rating
- cesrating
- comment
- npsrating
- question
- rating
- viewtype
- auth
- from
- form
- recipient
- reminder
- template
- batch
- fromuseremail
- amount
- invitationtemplate