How to create sender addresses

Our sender addresses feature allows you to create an "alias" email address to use as the sender of your surveys.

To quickly learn how to create a sender address, you can watch this short video. Otherwise, continue for the written steps!


Please note

Only users who have the access right Can create and edit sender addresses will be able to set up sender email addresses.

The advantages to having an alias address instead of using an existing email address are:

  • You do not need to add this email address as a user in Starred. You can create one from your settings and then select it as the sender of your survey, either when you invite manually or in your workflows.
  • These email addresses don’t need to be existing email addresses and have an inbox, that’s why we call them alias. This saves you time having to open an email account with an email provider and monitoring it.
  • They are easily edited in case you need to make changes (for instance, you want to switch from [email protected] to [email protected]).

How to create a sender address

To add your alias email addresses:

  • first contact our Customer Support team and ask them to add your preferred domain to your account.
  • then, navigate to your Company Settings and to the tab Sender addresses.
  • Click on Create new sender
  • Give the alias a name (which will be shown in the invitation email) and finish setting up the email address
  • You can enable firefight notifications and/or feedback notifications for this address. It only makes sense to do so if this is an existing email address and not just an alias.
  • Click on Save and you’ll be directed to the second step, which is choosing a logo.

And now you're done!