Adding an alias sender address

As a Starred Connect user, we advise you to use our sender addresses feature.
This allows you to add an email address as a sender address without having to add this email address as a user in Starred.

Contrary to the generic email address, these email addresses don’t need to be existing email addresses and have an inbox, that’s why we call them alias.

To add your alias email addresses, you can follow these steps:

  • Contact our Customer Support team and ask them to add your preferred domain(s) to your account. You can add several different domains that you can then use to create your alias addresses.
  • Once your domains are added, go to Company Settings and select the tab Sender Addresses
  • Click on the Create new sender button and give it a name (which will be shown in the invitation template) and the email address with your preferred domain that our Support team has added for you.
  • Click on Save and you’ll be directed to the second step, which is choosing a photo.

Please note:only users who have the access right Can edit company details will be able to set up sender email addresses. To learn how to set up colleagues' access rights, you can visit this page.

How to use sender addresses in Starred Connect

As soon as you’re all set, you’ll be able to select the sender address in the last step of your workflow within Starred Connect, the Action - Send or Schedule invitations step.

To learn more about Starred Connect and to learn how to set up a workflow based on your integration, click here.

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