Company profile

Find out how to fill out your company details and add invitation information, styles, and colleagues to your Starred account

Go to your profile at the top right of your Starred account and click on Company Settings. Then navigate to Company profile in the left navigation bar.

Company details

In the Company details, you can add company details, such as your company name, size and sector as well as uploading your company logo. For the logo, we recommend using a picture that's at least 150 by 150 pixels.


Company address

Starred's address is mentioned at the bottom of the invitations. You can change this by adding your company address here. Make sure you fill in all fields, otherwise the address will not appear. Phone number is optional, though.



Here you can also claim an open domain: surveys you want to share through an open URL will be attached to this open domain. Curious to learn more? Then head over to our dedicated article, or contact our Customer Happiness team! They can tell you more about it and change the settings of your surveys.


From namer suffix

Do you want to add your company name to the e-mail sender? Then fill in the From name suffix.


This addition will appear behind the invitation sender's name in the contact's inbox. Please see below an example:


Do not forget to save the changes you made!

What’s Next

After completing your company profile, it's time add new colleagues and edit their access rights: