Privacy statement

The privacy statement is displayed on the bottom of feedback survey, when a respondent opens the survey. By default, we link Starred's Privacy Statement:

We recommend adding your organization's own privacy statement so respondents will understand the purpose of the survey and how their personal data is processed.

You can add your own Privacy Statement in your 'Company Settings' under the header Privacy Settings.

Data retention

To limit the storage time of personal data, you can set the retention period for all received feedback. We recommend aligning the data retention period with the period stipulated in your privacy statement.

We will automatically anonymize personal data after the retention period has passed. This means that we will remove the first name, last name, and email address from the feedback you've received. The ratings and comments will still be available, together with the total number of responses.

Please note: the process of anonymizing personal data is irreversible.


Data Retention

The anonymization process cannot be reversed. The data cannot be restored. Use with care!

You can choose to keep the custom properties related to your responses by ticking the checkbox:

If you decide to keep the custom properties, then please ensure you are not storing any personally identifiable information (PII) such as identification number, phone numbers, and/or location data. It is your own responsibility to ensure your custom properties do not contain personally identifiable information if you choose to keep them stored on the Starred platform.

Manually delete respondent data (GDPR)

To comply with privacy guidelines, respondents (Data Subjects) have the right to be forgotten. This option will delete all of the respondents' individual data. This means that the first name, last name, email, all comments, all ratings, all associated custom fields will be deleted. This will affect the total number of responses in your dashboard. Please use with care, deleting respondents' data is irreversible so once this data is deleted, it cannot be restored.


Delete Respondent

The deleted data cannot be restored. The data is gone forever. Use with care!

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