How to open a csv file with Google Sheets

When downloading responses or comments from Starred, the file format is CSV.

CSV means comma-separated values. CSV files are delimited text files that use a comma to separate values.

This might cause the file to look like this when you first open it with Google Sheets:


No worries, though, becauseit's very easy to transform this view in a much more user friendly file.

Opening the file

If you're working with Google Drive, there are a few ways to open the file when you receive it in your inbox.

  • You can click directly on the Edit button (pencil shaped) to open it with Google Sheets.

This way, the file will already be opened correctly:

  • If you choose to download it and import it into Google Sheets.

The app will prompt you to choose a separator type. You can click on Detect automatically to let Google Sheets find the separator (usually it's a semicolumn) and divide the data properly into columns.

  1. You can open an empty spreadsheet and import the file. The file might look like this when you first open it:

When the file is loaded, you can follow these steps to separate the data into columns:

  • Click on Data and select Split text to columns:

  • The separator will be detected automatically and the file will be organized into columns. You can always change the separator by choosing your preferred one in the dropdown menu: