Can I base the language of the survey on the candidate's location?

Yes, you can! Thanks to our language mapping feature 👌

Please note: this article is for users that have automated their surveys via our Integrations. If you're sending your survey invites manually you're able to choose the invitation template when you upload your CSV file with the recipients.

How to map your invitation language to a custom field

When creating your workflow, you can choose to send invitation emails in different languages based on other fields in your Applicant Tracking System, such as the job location, country, language and so on.

The custom fields available for you to choose from to base the language of your invitation email depend on your ATS. Not all ATS offer the same custom fields and some fields are not available for us to pull. Please refer to the Support page of your ATS (which you can find in the integrations section of this guide) to learn how to create a workflow and what fields you can pull into Starred.

At the Action step (step 4) of your workflow, after selecting the template for your invitation email, you will be prompted to choose a language. The standard option is to select the language among the ones available in the dropdown:

Please note: you will only see languages listed for which you actually have an invitation email available. If you wish to add another language that you don’t see in the dropdown menu, you can head over to your invitation composer for that survey and create more translations for your invitation email. Learn how to do it here.

To map the invitation language to another field, you can select the second option “Map to one of the previous workflow steps”.

From there, choose the custom field that you want to use. Commonly used fields are Country, Office, Language, Location. The naming of the field will depends on what your Applicant Tracking system offers or allows.

In the example below we selected the field Location.

After selecting the field, you can add different values based on the languages that you want to use.

  • The string on the left refers to the value and how it is spelled in your ATS. Fill in the fields with the value they contain.
  • The dropdown menu on the right allows you to select a language among the ones available.

As an example, let’s continue with the field Location.

  • Based on the locations you have available, you will add a value for each location. In this screenshot we’ve added London, Amsterdam and Stockholm.
  • Based on the location, we have selected different languages for the invitation email.

Please note: if your location is spelled differently, such as London, United Kingdom you will have to include the full string for Starred to recognize the value.

As a safety measure, you will also have to choose a “fallback” language. This is the language that will be chosen for the invitation in case the value is empty or the spelling doesn’t match. This way, all your contacts will receive a survey.