Sharing a survey through a subdomain

Learn how to create a subdomain link to share your survey with your contacts.

The third option to share your surveys is to use a subdomain.

A subdomain is a unique URL dedicated to your company within the Starred domain. It could look like:

You can create your own subdomain from your settings:

  • Go to Company profile
  • Scroll down until you reach the section called Subdomain

Here, you can add any name. We recommend using your own company name.

Once you've done this and you're ready to share your survey via your subdomain, please reach out to our Support team at [email protected] or using the chat button in the app. We will attach your survey to the subdomain so you can start sending it out!

This survey can be used via invitations or 'open'. This 'open' survey is also called a reactive survey: here you receive feedback even when you did not necessarily ask for it.

You can use it in all your e-mails by placing this link in your mail or by placing it on your website. This will lead to the open survey. 'Opening' the right survey and attaching it to your open domain is done in the background, so let our Customer Happiness team know which survey can be attached to your open domain.

Please note

  • Because the survey is open through the URL, Starred is not able to collect recipient details. Therefore the open feedback is anonymous!
  • There are limitations to what Starred can display in the dashboard when you invite via a subdomain. For instance, since there's no actual "invitation date", Starred won't be able to track the invitation count. Therefore, we won't display the nr. of invitations and consequently also won't calculate the response rate for the survey.

Do you want to share a URL to a survey, but you want to collect the recipient's details? If so, we recommend using the Generate links with properties option that we explain in this article.