Comparison dashboard

Learn how to compare data in the Starred dashboard.

Would you like to know how your NPS changed from the last quarter to now, or compare the results from two different departments?

You can do all of this by selecting the Comparison tab in your Starred survey dashboard:


Here, you’ll be able to choose which filters you want to compare with each other by using the available filters.
Filtering in the Comparison dashboard works the same as in the main dashboard, the only difference will be that you have two segments to select:

  • to segment A you will add the filters for your filtered view
  • to segment B you'll add the filters for the second filtered view (you can leave it empty if you wish to compare to the overall results)

If you want to learn more about filters, you can check out our [dedicated article] (

Once you have applied your desired filters, the dashboard will display the two filtered views:

  • At the top you will see the number of responses and response rates of the two
  • Segment A will be displayed above in a blue color and Segment B will be underneath, in a gray color.

⭐Please Note:

  • If you want to compare a filtered view to the overall company results, you can leave segment B empty.
  • If your user profile is added to a Data Access Policy, you will be able to use the comparison dashboard but all results will be filtered based on your data restriction. This means that you might not be able to compare your results to the company overall results.