Why did my workflow not trigger?

There could be a few reasons why you are not seeing a successful trigger for your workflow.

Please note: when a workflow doesn't trigger, you will not see a log in your Logs section, which makes it a bit harder to understand the reason.

Common reasons why a workflow may not trigger are:

  • One of more of the conditions added to the Trigger step are not satisfied by the candidate/test candidate. This can especially happen when you're adding rejection stage names, source names, rejection reasons, etc. to your Trigger step. Often, just a little spelling difference compared to the name of the stage/source/rejection reason in your ATS will cause the workflow not to trigger. Check for spaces, capital letters, dashes and so on.
  • You have successfully tested your workflows adding the test condition to your Trigger step, but forgot to remove it before going live:
  • The workflow had already been triggered by this candidate. Starred has a safety condition that won't allow the same candidate to trigger the exact same workflow. This can especially happen when you're testing your workflows. Please create a separate test candidate to avoid this issue!
  • You forgot to enable the workflow. It might seem impossible, but it happens to the best of us! Please double check that you've enabled the workflow before rejecting/hiring a candidate, especially during a testing phase.
  • You haven't correctly activated the webhooks in your ATS. Please refer to the guide that is specific of your ATS to find out how to do it or to double check that you've enabled all correct webhooks.

Checked all of the above and still in doubt? Please reach out to us at [email protected] or using the chat button in the app. Our CS team is happy to investigate more.